The Office of Logistics Management (A/LM) provides logistics support including acquisition, warehousing and distribution, transportation, property management and logistic systems support domestically and to U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide. Our clients, both overseas and domestic, are primarily from the Department of State but may also be personnel of other U.S. government agencies involved in foreign affairs and overseas operations. Our services include:

  • Procuring goods and services of all types, including all contract activities and vendor management
  • Implementing an Integrated Logistics Management System (ILMS), and business processes to ensure "best practices" are followed in the Department. These practices include e-commerce, supply chain management and performance-based and customer-focused management.
  • Moving Government supplies and equipment to the front lines of diplomacy
  • Warehousing of goods and inventory management
  • Managing the Department's worldwide vehicle fleet
  • Providing Diplomatic Pouch and Mail services to embassies and consulates worldwide
  • Recruiting, developmenting and training of logistics personnel worldwide
The Office of Logistics Managment is involved in programs that current students as well as new hires to the Department can partake in.