Office of Logistics Management

Office of Logistics Management

Office of Logistics ManagementThe Office of Logistics Management provides global logistics support for the people and programs of America's diplomacy. Partnering with the private sector, we provide support for our customers in the U.S. Government agencies involved in foreign affairs and operations, and for their employees and familiies.

Who We Are

  • Logistics Operations (OPS) - Oversees warehousing, transportation management, and other related logistics processes.
  • Program Management and Policy (PMP) - Develops policy, guides professional development, and improves logistics systems.

Together, the people of A/LM work to deliver material and support to State Department personnel domestic and overseas.

Our Management Services

  • Freight - Moving Government supplies and equipment to the front lines of diplomacy.
  • Travel/Relocation - Facilitating Domestic and Overseas official travel and relocation.
  • Mail - Managing Diplomatic pouch and mail services.
  • Overseas Vehicles - Managing the Department's worldwide vehicle fleet.
  • Claims - Claims for personal property lost, damaged or destroyed incidental to serivce by USG employees overseas.