Travel/Relocation Management

A/LM provides travel management and household relocation services that support State Department and other U.S. Government agency personnel.

Claims provides information on how a USG employee can file a claim for personal property lost, damaged, or destroyed incidental to service.


Department of State Foreign Service Personnel - Foreign Affairs Manual.
U.S. Government civilian non-Department of Defense personnel - The Federal Travel Regulations.
Civilian Department of Defense personnel - The Joint Travel Regulations.
Members of the Uniformed Services - The Joint Federal Travel Regulations.

Relocation Information  

For problems with accessing any of the documents contact Transportation and Travel Management Division.

International Moves (to/from US or between overseas posts) 

It's Your Move - Booklet (March 2017)PDF icon

Domestic  (between locations within the continental US)

A Guide to Domestic Moves (7-16-2012) PDF icon
TQSE Tracking Worksheet
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Transportation Information

Transportation Service Providers who wish to offer their services to the Department should contact our Transportation and Travel Management Division.

Department of State personnel with questions regarding personally owned vehicles (POVs) or household effects (HHEs) in transit to or from the Washington, DC area may contact the Transportation Division.