Section 2: Effective Meetings - Developing Effective Agendas


Objective: Develop agenda as a board

Intended for:  Entire Board

Time Required: Completion of forms ahead of meeting, one hour for discussion

Facilitation:  Can be facilitated by school head or board chair


"In basket" exercise


Create an agenda for a future meeting with all members submitting in writing those items they wish included.  (See "Agenda Planning Format" and "Request to Place Item on Agenda")


         Estimate projected time for each item

         Identify agenda items by policy, information, administration, action, decision, etc.

         Prioritize agenda items in descending order of importance

         Create a short form for use at end of future board meetings to evaluate whether issues covered were trivial or essential, whether materials provided were useless or indispensable, and whether discussion concerned operations or policy and strategy.




Agenda Planning Format


Date:                                                                           Location:


Starting Time:                                                           Ending Time:


Meeting called by:



1._________________________                               4. _________________________

2._________________________                               5. _________________________

3. _________________________                              6. _________________________






Desired outcome:




Agenda Item              Desired Outcome                   Person Responsible               Time Allotted

















Necessary preparation:



Request to place item on agenda


Date of Meeting:         ________________________


Submitted by  :           ________________________


Subject:                       ________________________


Time Required:           ________________________







Action Requested:  (Discussion, receive report, decision)









Impact:  (Fiscal, human, time)





Do not write in this space.


Item #:             _________


Action Taken: