Summary of Time Management Lessons

A well kept secret of time management courses and programs is that we cannot manage time. We can only manage what it is we would do with the time we have allocated to us. Time management courses are not actually about time management but about life and event management and about scheduling our absolute relative time allocation.

We do to better manage our lives in time we have allocated if we understand the simple three truths listed below.

The Three Lessons of Time Management

1. Do what is important.

2. Refuse to manage by crisis.

3. Understand the value of this finite moment, one of the 1,440 you will be given today.

Franklin was one of the world's best time managers. He accomplished much more than many of his colleagues and friends and much more than he imagined as a young man. He began his mastery of time management by learning what was important to him, and he lived his life in the middle of the American Revolution before computers and desk top managers according to his values. Franklin's success and accomplishments in life can be attributed to his time management and his understanding of his values and living his life accordingly.

How then do we teach time management to our children? We begin by living a life that models good time management. If you would manage time you must begin by understanding what it is that is important for we must prioritize our most precious limited but renewable resource, time.