The Office of Overseas Schools is staffed with a director and regional education officers, each assigned oversight of a geographic region, who are well-informed about schools attended by U. S. citizen school-age dependent children. For information about overseas schools, you are encouraged to contact any of the following:


 Mr. Thomas P. Shearer
 Tel: (202) 261-8200

 Regional Education Officers  
 Eastern Europe  Africa 

 Ms. Mary E. Russman
 Tel: (202) 261-8218

Mr. Thomas P. Shearer
Tel: (202) 261-8200
 East Asia Pacific  American Republics

 Dr. Lawrence A. Hobdell
 Tel: (202) 261-8226

 Dr. Robin D. Heslip
 Tel: (202) 261-8210
 Western Europe  Near East, South Asia, Mediterranean, Canada, Egypt, Morocco, Tunisia
 Ms. Christine L. Brown
 Tel: (202) 261-8217
 Dr. Beatrice H. Cameron
 Tel: (202) 261-8200
 Resource Center  
Ms. Kristin A. Grasso
Tel: (202) 261-8215


The Office of Overseas Schools
U.S. Department of State
Room H328, SA-1
Washington, D.C. 20522-0103
Tel: (202) 261-8200
Fax: (202) 261-8224