Request for a School Transcript from Department of Defense Schools

Student records and transcripts may be requested from several different sources, depending upon the student's last date of attendance or graduation date. Below are the categories that you can choose from at the DoDEA website:

  1. Student Graduated or Attended 4 or Less Years Ago - 2011 to present (not a Panama School)
  2. Student Graduated or Attended 5 or More Years Ago (not a Panama School)
  3. Student Graduated From or Attended a Recently Closed School (not a Panama School)
  4. Students Who Graduated or Attended a DoDDS Panama School (includes former Secondary Canal Zone Schools)
  5. Students Who Plan to Continue Education Abroad
  6. Panama Canal College Requests
  7. Graduation Verification for Potential Employers and Recruiters
  8. Elementary and Middle School Records (Open and Recently Closed)