Coping with Crises

The Central Eastern European Schools Association (CEESA) in cooperation with the Overseas Schools Advisory Council (OSAC) developed policy guidelines to assist schools as they implement programs to administer the following emergencies:

Emerging Infectious Diseases/Pandemic Flu – action plans to respond to an incident of infectious disease.

2. School Transportation Safety– contingency plans and form templates for all matters of transportation in international schools.

3. Student/Staff Injury – includes check lists and form templates for student/staff injuries, accidents, emergency phone numbers, and child abuse and neglect.

4. Death/Suicide in the School Community – recognizing who may be at suicidal risk, what actions to take, how adults can help children cope after a suicide with checklist, procedures for school crisis response team post death/suicide, and formalities of how to manage within the larger community including sample letters.

5. Fire Alarms and Drills – response to fires including drill procedures and a recovery plan should there be an actual fire.