Overseas - Working in a U.S. Embassy or Consulate

United States embassies and consulates overseas often have job openings for family members of U.S. direct-hire employees posted to that country. The availability of positions depends on the size of the Mission and current job openings.

Contact the Human Resources Officer and the Community Liaison Office Coordinator
Family members who wish to work within the embassy or consulate of their assigned post should contact the Community Liaison Office Coordinator (CLO) or the Human Resources Officer (HRO) at post. They can provide information on current vacancy announcements. The Family Liaison Office can provide contact information.

Understanding Hiring Mechanisms
Family members are hired at overseas Missions in a variety of ways. Read hiring mechanisms to understand which mechanism you qualify for. When accepting a position, family members should be ask how they will be hired and for which benefits they are eligible. 

Earning Non-Competitive Eligibility While Serving in Jobs Inside the Mission
Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE): Information for Employers and Family Members

The Expanded Professional Associates Program (EPAP)
EPAP provides U.S. citizen Eligible Family Members (EFMs) serving overseas with 200 professional-level Foreign Service full-time positions in Economics, Management, Political, Public Diplomacy, Financial Management, General Services, Human Resources, Office Management and Medical areas. Most positions are funded centrally, primarily by the Department of State. Each regional bureau is authorized a number of these positions as determined by the Under Secretary for Management. It also provides up to 50 positions in the Information Management area, also centrally funded. Individual posts may also create post-funded ICASS positions with their regional bureau approval. The pay grades run from FP-07 to FP-04. For more information, go to the EPAP webpage. For questions, email FLOAskEPAP@state.gov.

Credentialing of Foreign Degrees for a United States Government Application
When applying for federal employment opportunities, education credentials from a foreign university will need to be verified for education equivalency. Go to the Credentialing of Foreign Degrees for a United States Government Application webpage for more information.

Family Member Employment Report (FAMER)
The FAMER lists job opportunities open to family members at post and provides the number of family members employed both inside and outside the Mission. The FAMER also serves as a research tool during the bidding season for family members interested in working. For more information, contact the Family Liaison Office. Visit the Family Member Employment Statistics webpage for the most recent Worldwide FAMER Overview report.

Professional Associates Program (Hard-to-Fill)
The regular Foreign Service assignments process invariably leaves some overseas positions without sufficient qualified Foreign Service bidders. These positions are designated Hard-to-Fill (HTF) and are routinely opened to Department of State Civil Service employees and Appointment Eligible Family Members (AEFMs). The annual Hard-to-Fill Program for Professional Associates (AEFMs) and Civil Service employees is announced each spring by Department of State cable. General information is on the Professional Associates Program webpage. For specific questions, email FLOAskEmployment@state.gov.

Functional training is available for spouses interested in working inside the Mission.The Basic Consular course is one of the functional training opportunities.

The Transition Center at the Foreign Service Institute (FSI) offers classes designed to assist family members looking for work overseas.

More Training Opportunities for Foreign Service Family Members

Overseas Employment Checklist
Print the Quick Guide to Overseas Employment for a checklist of items for family members looking for a job overseas.

Career Management Advice and Important Job Information
The Family Liaison Office also offers career management advice and important job information relating to posts around the world. For information or an appointment, contact the Family Liaison Office.

Overseas Seasonal Hire Program for US Foreign Service Family Members Ages 16-24
The Overseas Seasonal Hire Program (OSHP) provides clerical and administrative support at the time of greatest need, during the personnel gaps of summer transfers and other times during the year as determined by post. If your post has an OSHP, job opportunities for high school and college students of U.S. government employees working under Chief of Mission authority are possible. Eligibility applies to unmarried U.S. citizens who are 16-24 years of age, registered as full-time or part-time students, and are on the travel orders of a direct-hire employee or a U.S. Personal Services Contractor (USPSC). Please note that the OSHP is a different than the Department of State’s Domestic and Overseas Student Internship Program . Foreign national students are not eligible for OSHP and should apply to the Foreign National Foreign Student Intern Program (FSNIP). Contact post’s Human Resource Officer (HRO) or Community Liaison Office Coordinator (CLO) for more information about OSHP and FSNIP.

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