The Network

The Network is an email subscription service for Foreign Service family members seeking employment in the Washington D.C. area. It is designed to connect family members with potential employers within the U.S. Department of State as well as with other outside organizations. The Family Liaison Office (FLO) sources job opportunities for which family members with Executive Order 12721 Eligibility would be considered for noncompetitive hire upon their return to the U.S. It also works with outside organizations to source job opportunities and give family members the inside track on government contract, NGO, and other private sector positions in the U.S. Job vacancy announcements and other employment-related information, including upcoming programs and FLO services, is distributed via The Network to registered family members.

Family members may register by sending an email to Include employee sponsor's name, agency affiliation, and the family member's email address - it is usually best to include a private email address from which these announcements may also be viewed in the event of a move.

For Hiring Managers and HR Specialists

Hiring managers and Human Resources Specialists with the U.S. Department of State who would like to advertise on The Network should fill out and submit the Network Job Posting Form (Word document) and email it to For more information on hiring family members with non-competitive eligibility (NCE), visit the Hiring Family Members with NCE webpage, which contains regulations, procedures, and templates that are needed and summarizes how hiring family members with NCE can help meet recruiting goals.

Other federal agencies can find more information on the Hiring Family Members with NCE: Non-Department of State Federal Agencies webpage.


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