Hiring Eligible Family Members with Non-Competitive Eligibility Non-State Federal Agencies and the Private Sector

Hiring Eligible Family Members (EFMs) into Federal Positions

Foreign Service family members with experience working in a U.S. embassy or consulate overseas comprise a talented pool of skilled professionals. Many combine their government and private sector work experience to offer hiring managers knowledge and skills highly sought after in the federal workplace. Those who have earned Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) under Executive Order 12721 can apply for positions in the Civil Service and be hired non-competitively. For hiring managers, this flexible hiring option streamlines the process in identifying and hiring qualified candidates.

Executive Order 12721, the legal hiring authority, allows Executive Branch agencies to non-competitively appoint, to a competitive service position in the United States, Eligible Family Members (EFMs) who have completed 52 weeks (or 2087 hours) of service in certain positions overseas. In addition, the family member must have received a “fully successful” or better performance rating.

The Network

The Network is the Family Liaison Office’s (FLO) email subscription service for registered family members of direct hire U.S. government employees, who will serve, are serving or have served under Chief of Mission abroad. The Network specifically targets family members with NCE by notifying them of job openings..


Hiring managers/HR staff can utilize The Network to advertise career conditional, temporary, or term positions concurrently with USAJOBS to target candidates with knowledge of federal operations, demonstrated and proven overseas experience, commitment to government service, and a security clearance that may simply require re-validation.

How to Advertise Job Openings through The Network

  • Agencies work with their HR Specialists to meet applicable Career Transition Assistance Plan (CTAP) and Interagency Career Transition Assistance Plan (ICTAP) requirements (5CFR 330 Subpart G). This often means advertising on USAJobs for a designated period. (Department of State hiring managers may not have to meet these requirements if the family member is currently on the rolls as a Department of State employee.)
  • Hiring manager or HR specialist submits a Network Job Posting Form (Word document) to the Department of State Family Liaison Office (FLO) via email to FLONetwork@state.gov. When advertising via The Network concurrently with USAJobs, please ensure that the USAJobs vacancy announcement clearly states that candidates with non-competitive eligibility under E.O. 12721 can apply.
  • Job openings are advertised through FLO’s The Network email subscription service. After FLO receives the Job Posting Form, within two working days, FLO will notify the point of contact listed in the form that the position has been posted.
  • The point of contact listed in the Job Posting Form receives resumes directly from candidates. Hiring managers proceed with resume screening, interviews, etc. and contact their bureau HR staff for instructions about how to bring the selected candidate on board. The bureau HR staff will verify all eligibility requirements for appointments under this special hiring authority. Please note that FLO is not involved in receiving resumes, interviewing candidates, or the selection process.

What to Expect When Advertising Job Openings to Candidates with NCE through The Network

  • Gain access to candidates with diverse talents and valuable skills, such as:
    • foreign language ability
    • undergraduate and advanced degrees
    • skills in HR, IT, project management, administration, communication, economics, legal, and medical fields, among others
  • Family members who return to the U.S. with NCE have proven overseas experience and are committed to serving the U.S. government as federal employees.
  • Most of the NCE candidates have held a security clearance, and some may simply require re-validation.

Reference Materials

FLO Contacts

  • The Network job posting questions: FLONetwork@state.gov
  • General NCE questions and/or to schedule an agency-wide or individual NCE briefing: FLOAskEmployment@state.gov