Hiring Eligible Family Members with Non-Competitive Eligibility into Federal Jobs

Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) is a special hiring authority through which Eligible Family Members (EFMs) can be appointed to certain federal positions without competing with the general public. For hiring managers, this option streamlines the process of identifying and hiring qualified candidates, saving valuable time along the way.

The following information is important to EFMs because it explains how certain work performed in an overseas mission can help them to gain employment with the federal government while residing in the United States.

The Family Liaison Office (FLO) encourages family members and hiring managers to read the sections below to learn more. Email questions to FLOAskEmployment@state.gov.


  • As a result of the 2017 Federal Civilian Hiring Freeze, certain family members pursuing federal employment may be eligible for a limited Non-Competitive Eligibility (NCE) extension of up to eighty-one days. Learn more.
  • Important Information about Vacancy Announcements on USAJOBS - When reviewing vacancy announcements on USAJOBS, read the section Who May Apply within the body of the announcement. There is currently a glitch in the system which causes many Department of State positions to erroneously display the Family of Overseas Employees airplane icon in the Hiring Path section. If the section Who May Apply states, “Agency Employees Eligible for Promotion or Reassignment and Employees in the Agency Overseas Development Program (ODP) Exercising Reemployment Rights”, the position is not open to family of overseas employees.