Workforce Statistics

The Bureau of Human Resources (HR) is responsible for the Department of State’s greatest asset – our people.

Our mission is to recruit, retain, sustain, and empower a diverse, talented workforce to carry out the Department’s foreign policy goals and priorities. The Department has three distinct personnel systems: Civil Service (CS), Foreign Service (FS), and Locally Employed Staff (LE Staff).

09/30/18  Department of State-Diversity Statistics Full-Time Permanent Workforce
09/30/18  Human Resources Fact Sheet As of 9/30/18
11/29/17  Department of State Facts About Our Most Valuable Asset - Our People (September 30, 2017 Counts)
11/24/17  FS Promotion Statistics
11/24/17  FS Promotion Statistics by Diversity
11/24/17  FS Promotion Statistics by Diversity and Cone
09/28/16  Five Year Workforce and Leadership Succession Plan Fiscal Years 2016 - 2020
01/23/15  Public Law 113-499: Initiatives to Increase Workforce Diversity in the Department of State