DSS Most Wanted

Help Stop Passport and Visa Fraud Through DSS Most Wanted

Fraudulent passport and visa documents allow people to enter and leave the U.S. illegally—a federal crime in itself. Criminals also use false or frabricated travel documents to commit other crimes—like terrorism, child exploitation, human and drug trafficking, financial fraud, and identity theft.

Passport fraud and visa fraud post serious threats to our safety and national security.

Special agents of the Diplomatic Security Service (DSS) track and apprehend fugitives who are charged with passport and visa fraud. The individuals on the DSS Most Wanted list are charged with tampering and falsifying identities to either obtain illegal access into the United States or to flee domestic prosecution.

Through DSS Most Wanted, you can provide information about these fugitives. Do not attempt to apprehend any of these fugitives yourself— as they could be armed and dangerous. You can search through our full list of fugitives by clicking here.

If you have information on the suspects listed below, contact DSS Most Wanted at DSSMostWanted@state.gov or call toll free at 1-855-TIP-4-DSS.

Remember: Passport and visa fraud are more than just paper threats.