February 1, 2007

Image of four different types of U.S. passports. DEPARTMENT OF STATE PHOTO.The Visa and Passport Security Strategic Plan does more than respond to the requirements of Section 7218 of the Intelligence Reform and Terrorism Prevention Act. It does more than address vulnerabilities brought to light by the 9/11 hijackers' use of U.S. travel documents. This Plan provides a comprehensive blueprint for three proactive and integrated strategies to prevent the fraudulent production, manipulation, and acquisition of U.S. visas and passports. Wherever the U.S. Department of State issues travel documents, DS has the authority to investigate travel document fraud. Additions to DS's analytic, investigative, and training resources-as well as a vigorous process review-are essential to create and maintain a viable Visa and Passport Security Program.

The U.S. Department of State constantly is evolving and transforming. DS has always been a part of this and past transformations, but there is an additional dimension today. The entire U.S. Government has been grappling with a means to prevent terrorist travel. DS has moved forward and created 26 overseas criminal investigator positions; established and staffed a new Criminal Intelligence and Research Branch; and expanded its Civil Service Special Agent cadre. CA established Consular Management Assistance Teams and a number of other security countermeasures to protect the integrity of U.S. visas and passports and the processes through which they are issued. DS's ATA program established a document fraud course designed to help our allies detect and deter terrorists before they reach the United States.

Over the next three years, successful implementation of the Program will be dependent upon the provision of significant new resources, to include additional DS Special Agents, intelligence analysts, Foreign Service national investigators, and support staff to build upon this strong foundation. With Special Agents assigned to 200 overseas posts, DS and our foreign partners will be able to combat terrorist travel, document fraud, and human smuggling and trafficking directly at the source of these illicit activities. The Visa and Passport Security Program outlined in this Strategic Plan will position the Department of State as the most capable, best prepared, and flexible organization to anticipate and respond to the challenges of combating terrorist travel and ensuring the integrity of U.S. travel documents.


Table of Contents

Mission Statement | Introductory Letter From Assistant Secretary Griffin | The Bureau of Diplomatic Security: A Brief History | Visa and Passport Fraud: An Overview | Introduction | Strategic Goal 1 | Strategic Goal 2 | Strategic Goal 3 | Conclusion | Appendix: Operation Triple X