History of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security of the United States Department of State

Date: 11/07/2011 Description: DS History images - State Dept Image

The new Diplomatic Security history, professionally researched and written by the State Department Historian’s Office, is an authoritative reference source and an archival record of the many critical duties, milestone events, prominent personalities, and worldwide locations with which DS has been associated over the past century. The first comprehensive, detailed history ever prepared, it is dedicated to the men and women who have served the Bureau of Diplomatic Security and its predecessors – the Office of Security (SY) and the Office of the Chief Special Agent of the U.S. Department of State – from the inception in 1916 up to the present. A Table of Contents and a master Index make the book easy to search for specific information purposes.


History of the Bureau of Diplomatic Security (Complete Version - PDF format)
Leadership List and Service Badges
Preface - Defining Diplomatic Security
Table of Contents
Introduction - The Foundations of Diplomatic Security
Chapter 1 - Special Agents, Special Threats
Chapter 2 - The Vital Function
Chapter 3 - Creating a Security Office
Chapter 4 - McCarthyism and Cold War
Chapter 5 - Spies, Leaks, Bugs, and Diplomats
Chapter 6 - The Great Transformation
Chapter 7 - Accelerating Transformation
Chapter 8 - All Under One Roof
Chapter 9 - A Blueprint for Security