What's New at FSI

2017 marks the 70th Anniversary of the establishment of the Foreign Service Institute (FSI).

FSI is proud of our long tradition as the world’s preeminent diplomatic academy. Throughout our 70-year history, we have been leaders in the development of cutting edge approaches to everything from foreign language acquisition to intercultural communications.

As we celebrate our 70th anniversary, our focus is on the future.

FSI is propelling America’s diplomats forward, preparing them to face new challenges in the midst of dramatic global change. Our mission is to empower world-class diplomacy by providing world-class training – training that is dynamic, innovative, and student-centric.


New Competencies woven into FSI’s core training, supported by approaches such as design thinking and systems thinking, to provide the sharpened analytical skills and intellectual agility that underpin experimentation and innovation.

New Modalities, including on-demand and virtual training, to meet the immediate needs of the Department’s global workforce. Cutting-edge technologies for the classroom, such as a Google Earth flight deck, virtual reality, and an Immersive Learning Environment, are being explored in our EdTech Innovation Lab to incubate new training applications.


New Approaches such as the identification of diplomatic best practices and lessons learned are catalyzing knowledge management and enabling a true learning culture at the Department of State. Our newly established Center for the Study of the Conduct of Diplomacy (CSCD) conducts comparative critical analysis of policy implementation during recent on-the-ground events and then creates case studies for use in tradecraft training.

New Courses utilize these new methodologies and approaches to build and refine 21st century competencies, orienting students within evolving trends and challenging them to devise innovative responses.