Transition Center

The Transition Center, located on the campus of the National Foreign Affairs Training Center in Arlington, VA, provides security and life skills training, post-specific bidding materials and information, and retirement planning courses for the U.S. Government Foreign Affairs employees and family members assigned to diplomatic posts abroad.

The Transition Center is organized into four divisions: Training (Life Skills and Security), the Overseas Briefing Center (OBC), the Career Transition Center (CTC), and the Center for Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience (CEFAR).

For personnel returning from high-threat assignments, the Transition Center offers the High Stress Assignment Outbrief Program.

Training Division

  • Foreign Service Life Skills Training – offers employees and their family members training to effectively navigate the foreign affairs community and foreign service lifestyle, facilitating transitions throughout their careers. The continuum of training begins with presentations and courses targeting those new to foreign service life. In addition to employee-focused training, some courses are designed especially for spouses, while other courses focus on children's concerns.
  • Security Awareness – seeks to raise security awareness for those serving overseas, and helps individuals identify risks and reduce vulnerabilities to criminal and terrorist threats overseas. Security seminars are designed to meet the needs of U.S. Government employees, their family members and partners, private sector organizations, and study abroad administrators.

Overseas Briefing Center (OBC)
The Overseas Briefing Center provides U.S. Government employees and their family members with extensive country research materials for an overseas or domestic assignment, logistical information for an international move, cultural adjustment resources, and expert assistance in identifying the resources needed for transitions in the Foreign Service lifestyle.

Career Transition Center (CTC)
The Career Transition Center offers training, counseling, and other assistance for Department of State and other agency personnel from the foreign affairs community who are leaving U.S. Government service. Some of the resources offered at the CTC include retirement planning workshops, transition resources and links, and articles on the job search process.

Center for Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience (CEFAR)
The Center for Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience provides U.S. Government employees and their family members with resilience education and training for the broader foreign affairs community, stand-alone resilience courses and resilience modules in over 30 existing FSI classes, and free one-hour DVCs on personal resilience, community resilience, familial resilience and resilience leadership.

The Transition Center is one unit within the five schools of the George P. Shultz National Foreign Affairs Training Center, located in Arlington, Virginia. For information about language training, area studies, leadership, or other courses offered by the Foreign Service Institute, please contact the FSI Registrar at (703) 302-7144 or (703) 302-7137. The Transition Center offers only those courses mentioned in the CTC, CEFAR, and Training Division listings.