Foreign Service Online Communities

The foreign affairs community supports individuals and groups through a growing variety of online resources. These websites, listservs, and social media groups are increasingly managed by community members worldwide and form the baseline of the nongovernment and unofficial information resources. These sites provide a wide array of opinions and creative advice to issues and challenges that are common to the foreign service lifestyle.

Joining the groups may require being "vouched for" by an existing member or, in some cases, have membership dues. To get started with a group, it is usually easiest to contact the owner or moderator by email. In some cases, groups may restrict their membership to specific audiences to foster participation and sense of community.

Yahoo Groups


Title Site Address Who can benefit from the site
LiveLines General interest topics for foreign affairs community members
DS Online Forum The group is open to active duty, retired and former SAs, RSOs and SEOs.
FS Pet Owners Foreign affairs community members who relocate with their pets.
FS Transitions For people going through a separation or divorce.
FS Gifted and Talented Families with gifted and talented children.
FS Home Schooling Families who homeschool their children.
FS Parents Parents with children living the Foreign Service lifestyle.
FS Special Education Needs Created to bring together U.S. Foreign Service (FS) families to share information, stories and ideas about educating a child with special needs overseas while serving with the U.S. Government

Facebook Groups

The wide variety of groups offers additional ways to connect with new and established friends. In most cases, the groups listed below require approval for membership. Application procedures are specific to each group.

How to find a group: While logged into a Facebook account, use the search function to find the link to any of the groups listed below.

Trailing Houses 

AAFSW DCM and PO Spouses
AAFSW Global Connection
AAFSW Foreign Born Spouses
AAFSW Playgroup
AAFSW Special Needs Families
AAFSW Boarding School Parents

EFMs Helping EFMs Find Employment
EFM Business Owners
EFM Freelance Writers and Editors
EFMs/FS Members Sharing Recipes/Cooking Skills
EFMs/MOHs of Retired (or planning retirement) FS direct hires – Search: “So Long and Thanks for All the Fish”

Foreign Service College Bound
Foreign Service Jewish Life
Foreign Service Tandem Couples
FS Borrow Barter Sell
FSHome School
FS Families with Disability Alliance

Lawyers in the Foreign Service

MED Wellness: Expanding Health from Post to Post Single in the Service Single Parents in the Foreign Service



Foreign Service Community Blogs

Blog lists comprised of sites maintained by members of the foreign affairs community can be found at:

Other Expatriate Information sites

Other US-based and non-US websites exist with information and news from overseas locations. The examples provided below are for informational purposes and are not recommendations or endorsements . Each site has its own privacy policy and terms of use and may require payment or subscription for access to certain levels of functionality.

Additional location-specific websites can also be identified by using a search engine with keyword combinations that include terms such as: expat, [country name], resources for expats, expat websites.

Disclaimer: This list is for informational purposes only and in no way constitutes an endorsement, expressed or implied, by the Department of State. Links to websites outside the U.S. Federal Government or the use of trade, firm, or corporation names are for the convenience of the user and do not constitute an official endorsement or approval of any private sector product, service, website, or privacy policy.