Arrange Medical Clearance and Immunizations

The employee and all family members traveling on the employee's orders must receive medical clearance prior to proceeding to post. Medical clearance examinations for adults and children over six are given in the Office of Medical Services (MED) (SA-1, Room L201, Columbia Plaza) and require the morning of day one and several hours on day three for completion. Appointments are required and should be made as far in advance as possible. Authorizations are provided for examinations of children under six should be scheduled with a private health care provider.

For further information about medical clearances, see  Medical Clearances from the Office of Medical Services.  To make an appointment, call 703-875-5411 or email Failure to obtain proper medical clearance disqualifies a person from participating in the Department's Medical Program, including medical evacuation coverage, hospitalization coverage, and health unit access at post.

Travel counseling and immunizations for overseas travel can be obtained at the Travel Health and Immunization Clinics located at FSI (E 1104, 703-302-7450), HST (B 846, 202-647-2546), and SA1 Columbia Plaza (L 206, 202-663-3974). Please call for appointments as soon as possible as many immunizations require several weeks to complete. Please bring all available immunization records including childhood immunization records to the visits. Patients are required to have current Medical Clearance and travel orders.

Children needing routine immunizations must see a private health care provider as these are not available in the immunization clinics.

Travel related immunizations received outside of Federal Clinics can be reimbursed if the employee’s Travel Authorization contains specific authorization for immunizations prior to receiving the services. Please confirm the authorization with the employee’s Assignment Technician prior to receiving immunizations in the community.

Make sure you have adequate medical insurance for you and your family. The Federal Employees Health Benefits Program (FEHBP) provides you and your family with protection against the cost of illness or accident at reduced costs. When assigned overseas, you may choose one of the fee-for-service health benefits plans. Visit for more information.

After medical insurance has paid, the State Department will pay any uncovered charges for overseas hospitalizations. Overseas hospitalizations are not covered by the Department for those persons at post without medical insurance. The State Department's medical program does not pay for outpatient medical or dental care. Also, it does not cover medical problems which arise on home leave or while assigned to the United States. Furthermore, the State Department medical program does not cover relatives or friends visiting you at post. Relatives and friends should obtain health and evacuation insurance before traveling overseas. See the Department of State Travel website or e-mail OBC for a list of providers. Please note that Medicare does not normally pay for overseas medical care.

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