Skillsoft General Library Cross-Cultural Courses

Below is a sampling of courses available (as of December 2011) through the Skillsoft General Lilbrary. Courses are subject to change.

International Business Curriculum
Business Strategy & Operations: Strategic Planning

  • STGY01A02 Sustaining Competitive Advantage
  • STGY01A04 Planning and Implementing a Business Strategy
  • STGY0351 Globalization and Our Changing World
  • STGY0352 Globalization and Your Company
  • STGY0354 Managing from a Global Viewpoint
  • STGY04A01 Introduction to Green Business and Sustainability
  • STGY04A02 Green Business: Planning Sustainability Strategies
  • STGY04A03 Green Business: Implementing Sustainability Strategies
  • STGY0403 Systems-thinking Models and Thinking
  • STGY0404 System Archetypes
  • STGY0405 Redesigning Your Organization: Part I
  • STGY0406 Redesigning Your Organization: Part II
  • STGY0407 Taking Systems Thinking into Your Personal Life
  • STGY05A01 The Fundamentals of Globalization: The Global Context
  • STGY05A02 Fundamentals of Globalization: Analyzing the Global Environment
  • STGY05A03 The Fundamentals of Globalization: Strategies for Globalization
  • STGY05A04 Fundamentals of Globalization: Managing in a Global Environment

Professional Effectiveness
Communication Curriculum

  • COMM26A01 Culture and Its Effect on Communication
  • COMM26A02 Communicating Across Cultures
  • COMM002A Business Interpersonal Communication Skills Simulation
  • COMM0020 International Communications Simulation
  • COMM0021 The Impact of Culture on Communication
  • COMM0022 The Art of Global Communication
  • COMM0023 Improving Your Cross-cultural Communications
  • COMM002S Cross-cultural Communications Simulation