Foreign Affairs Offices and Organizations

Department of State Offices

  • The Transition Center 
  • Diplomatic Security
  • Family Liaison Office - Community Liaison Office (CLO) Program , Crisis Management Services, Education and Youth, Expeditious Naturalization Support, Family Member Employment, Post Evacuation, Special Needs and the Foreign Service Child, Unaccompanied Tours.
  • WorkLife4You (WL4Y) (formerly IQ: Information Quest) - For more than 25 years, people have trusted WL4Y for the information and resources they need to meet the challenges of their personal and professional lives while serving in the U.S. Foreign Service. WL4Y can help with eldercare issues, getting your legal paperwork together, balancing work and family responsibilities, addressing financial concerns, and much more. Whether you're facing a major life event (such as having a baby) or dealing with a day-to-day task (such as finding affordable pet care), WL4Y is a source for reliable, expert assistance. U.S. Department of State employees or their family members may contact the Overseas Briefing Center for more more information. 
  • Office of Allowances - develops and coordinates policies, regulations, standards, and procedures to administer the government-wide allowances and benefits program abroad under the Department of State Standardized Regulations (DSSR).
  • Office of Logistics Management - provides global logistics support for employees and family members. Their publication It's Your Move  is invaluable for planning an international relocation. 
  • Office of Overseas Schools - provides the Department of State foreign service community with information on international schools, overseas special needs services, teaching overseas and other topics relevant to international education.   
  • Office of Medical Services - provides healthcare to U.S. government employees and their families who are assigned to U.S. embassies and consulates worldwide. For the same population, the Office of Medical Services also provides free, confidential counseling by clinical socai lworkers through the Employee Consultation Service (ECS).  In addition, the MED Child and Family Program works with parents to assure children's mental health and special educational needs are identified, appropriately assessed and have an effective treatment and educational plan established in advance of and during overseas assignments. 
  • Retirement Network

Outside Organizations and Groups

  • AAFSW (Associates of the American Foreign Service Worldwide) - offers a local playgroup, French language group, foreign-born spouses group, morning coffees with special speakers, the Livelines e-mail group, a listing of Foreign Service Blogs, and more. 
  • ADST (Association for Diplomatic Studies and Training) - offers texts of its "country reader" oral history collections free of charge on its website. These collections bring together excerpts on individual countries from ADST's 1700 interviews of former diplomats. The full collection of diplomatic oral histories is available at the Library of Congress through a link at The organization also has a publications program and supports diplomatic training. 
  • AFSA (American Foreign Service Association) - the professional association of the U.S. Foreign Service and the exclusive bargaining agent for all Foreign Service employees in the five foreign affairs agencies. The AFSA Member Guidance section of their websites offers basic information that may be of assistance, including an attorney's list. They also provide a listing of Foreign Service Blogs
  • Foreign Service Yahoo Groups
  • FSYF (Foreign Service Youth Foundation) - sponsors activities for Foreign Service kids ages 5 to 18. 
  • GLIFAA (Gays and Lesbians in Foreign Affairs Agencies) - GLIFAA membership consists of gay, lesbian, bisexual, transgender and straight employees of U.S. diplomatic agencies.