• In the "Telecommuting From Overseas" section, there are excellent hyperlinks for telecommuters.

Gil Gordon - Telecommuting -
• A website sponsored by Gil Gordon Associates, a company specializing in the implementation of telecommuting and telework
• Offers a variety of links and information on telecommuting, teleworking, the virtual office, and other topics

Home Job Stop -
• Offers a Job Bank of work from home jobs, email update reports, and a newsletter, all for subscription fees

International Telework Association and Council (ITAC) -
• A non-profit organization dedicated to advancing the growth and success of work independent of location

Portajobs -
• Offers a free job board and e-mail notifications as well as articles, news, and links to other websites
• You can post your resume on this site

Quintessential Careers -
• This website has several very helpful articles on telecommuting with hyperlinks to other websites:

  • "Making Your Case for Telecommuting: How to Convince the Boss"
  • "Telecommuting & Work-at-Home Job and Career Resources"
  • "Your Home-Based Career: A Key Resource Guide"
  • "Home-Based Career Do's and Don'ts"

The Riley Guide -
• This well-respected website's section on "Telecommuting & Work-At-Home" ( offers some very basic information in these articles - all of which provide hyperlinks to more focused websites on the subject:
"Telecommuting / Work-at-Home Info & Opportunities"
"Suggestions for Home Businesses You Might Try"
"Work-At-Home Scams"
"Considering Self Employment"

Telecommuting -
• Basic information about telecommuting, tips for success, types of employment, etc.

Telecommuting & Freelance Job Finder -
• The web site of Mothers' Home Business Network offers advice on telecommuting and evaluates work-at-home jobs, opportunities and resources

Telecommuting Jobs -
• Access to job board is free, but access to contact details of employers requires a password for which there is a charge
• You can post your resume on this site
• Website also has links to job search advice, online training, "teletools," and free tech magazines

Telecommuting, Teleworking, and Alternative Officing -
• Basic information and links to resources


Capel, Perri
"The Trials and Tribulations of a Non-Techie Telecommuter"

Dunham, Kemba J.
"Telecommuting Loses Favor With Employers"

Lublin, Joann S.
"Telecommuting Can Be A Recipe for Success"


Dinnocenzo, Debra A.
101 Tips for Telecommuters: Successfully Manage Your Work, Team, Technology and Family
Berrett-Koehler Publishers, First edition, 1999

Dziak, Michael J. and Gordon, Gil
Telecommuting Success: A Practical Guide for Staying in the Loop While Working Away from the Office
Park Avenue Productions, 2001

Froggatt, Cynthia C.
Work Naked: Eight Essential Principles for Peak Performance in the Virtual Workplace
Jossey-Bass, First edition, 2001

Zbar, Jeffery D.
Teleworking & Telecommuting (Made E-Z)
Made E-Z Products, 2002

Zetlin, Minda
Telecommuting for Dummies
Hungry Minds, 2001

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