Center of Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience

Diplomacy in the 21st century demands effective, creative, and innovative foreign policy solutions. America needs an engaged, flexible, and durable work force to safeguard our national interests. Resilience, the ability to adapt in the face of adversity, is the key.

Within the next ten years, a supportive inspired and nimble work force will formulate and implement more creative and effective diplomatic solutions.

What is CEFAR?
The Center of Excellence in Foreign Affairs Resilience (CEFAR) provides resilience training, education, and support for U.S. government foreign affairs agencies. Resilience is the ability to adapt and manage change effectively, be creative in the midst of change, foster individual, family, community, and workplace team resilience in healthy productive ways. CEFAR aspires to create a foreign affairs culture where resilience is modeled by senior leaders, mid-level managers, and all members of the workforce, regardless of hiring mechanism.

How can CEFAR help me or my unit?
Enroll in courses we offer - learn more about Encouraging Resilience in the Foreign Service Child, Building Your Resilience – How to Bounce and Not Break, Resilience Leadership, Pre Deployment Preparation for High Stress Assignments, and a unique program, High Stress Assignment Outbrief Program for those returning from Iraq, Afghanistan, or other high threat environments.

What is a practical step I can take now?
Practice gratitude and reframing - creating a positive outlook. Reflect on your meaning and purpose in life - with loved ones and meaningful activities. Connect with others, through shared, enjoyable, health activities. Practice self-care including exercise, balanced nutrition, sleep, and taking time to recover. Be creative and innovative, to tackle tasks and challenges, in the workplace, and at home. Seek out support from family and friends.