Resilience Courses

Through these courses, you will explore and address the particular challenges of an internationally mobile lifestyle. Learn resiliency techniques that will show you and your loved ones how to overcome these difficulties situations.

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Encouraging Resilience in the Foreign Service Child (MQ500)
(MQ502) This evening seminar highlights experiences from both parents of children who were raised overseas and the Third Culture Kids themselves. Discussions will address the characteristics of an internationally mobile childhood; influences on cultural identity; characteristics of families living overseas; and strategies for raising resilient children. View course dates.

Building Your Resilience - How to Bounce and Not Break (MQ502)
This foundational course is designed to proactively meet the needs of foreign affairs community members, including employees, family members, and members of household, for foreign affairs community resilience training. This one-day workshop takes a practical approach and explores the need for resiliency, the meanings and definitions of the term, develops strategies to increase resilience to thrive in an internationally mobile lifestyle. View course dates.

Resilience Leadership (MQ503)
Resilience, the ability to adapt in the face of adversity, is the key to achieve foreign policy objectives in a rapidly changing, high complex global environment. Teams with leaders who foster the resilience of their teams are more likely to perform well despite adverstiy. This course will provide supervisors with skills and tools they can use to foster the resilience of their teams.

Pre-Deployment Preparation for High Stress Assignments (MQ940)
Open to all those who will be separated by an unaccompanied assignment, this 3-hour evening course helps build resilience and a new foreign affairs skill set. This course has the simple goal of empowering employees and/or couples to be better personally prepared for an extended assignment to a high stress post. View course dates.

High Stress Assignment Outbrief (MQ950)
As difficult and dangerous as your assignment may have been, coming home is not always as easy as it would seem. There are some predictable complications of re-entry from a high stress/high threat environment that you need to understand. There is also some information that you can share with your loved ones who are anxiously awaiting your return that will help ensure the kind of reunion you want and deserve. View course dates

High Stress Assignment Outbrief – Special Session (MQ951)
This version of the High Stress Assignment Outbrief Program is offered only to those whose schedules prohibit attendance at a regularly scheduled outbrief, those who wish to have an individual session, or to those who receive the Outbrief from a qualified MED practitioner at an overseas post. This option is only available through arrangement between the employee, the Career Development Officer, and the relevant MED or FSI instructor. The class size is individual or small group. Please contact or call 703-746-2936 to arrange a session.