Basics for Overseas Employment (MQ703)

This popular course is designed to provide family members with knowledge and resources for employment and training once overseas. Rules and regulations of overseas employment inside and outside the mission will be explained in addition to FSI's online training resources and the ins and outs of security clearances.

Participant Feedback:


"An excellent class, which not only helped me to organize my career goal but also helped me to fully prepare my job application."

"I was able to learn the help and resources available for me to get employed overseas, which makes me feel positive and relieved."

"This course left me with a more positive feeling about employment - that even though it might take a little while, I have a chance at finding employment that will be meaningful for me."

"Great course, please keep offering it, it was very informative. Most Eligible Family Members (EFMs) (myself included) know vaguely about opportunities and acronyms out there, but it's hard to translate that into concrete steps to take in order to have the full picture. This class was good because it clearly showed 'this is who you are and fit in' and 'this is what you can do'. Thank you."



Course Dates and Times
12 September 2017      9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
23 March 2018              9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
5 June 2018                   9:00 AM – 4:00 PM
12 September 2018      9:00 AM – 4:00 PM

This is a tuition-based course.
Tuition for non-State participants: $280


Virtual Resource Table

The following links and documents represent materials made available at the resource table during the class.

Department of State Resources

  • Overseas Briefing Center (OBC)
    Provides resources to Family Member Employment and post research resources that help with decisions about seeking employment overseas
  • Family Liaison Office (FLO)
    FLO has a dedicated team of professionals working to increase employment options for Foreign Service family members, both at home and abroad. Please contact them at with your overseas employment questions.
    • The FLO Global Employment Initiative (GEI) LinkedIn group is where Global Employment Advisors (GEAs) and family members can share information on job search strategies, employment options and career development opportunities while overseas.  Request to join here.
    • Hiring Freeze: Read the most up-to-date information on the hiring freeze and recommendations for EFMs during the hiring freeze.
    • The Network - subscribe to the FLO Network to receive listings of the latest US Government and private sector job openings via email, and more!
  • Career Development Resource Center (CDRC)
    The CDRC offers free career counseling, resume help, testing, and more for family members and Department of State employees. You can contact the CDRC by email at: or call 202-663-3042.
  • Employment Videos
    • Employment Strategies for EFMs: This short video provides an overview of key resources to help Foreign Service family members create an Employment Strategy for Foreign Service life. 
    • The Job Search - Returning to Washington DC: After years of living and working abroad, seeking employment in the U.S. and, in particular Washington, DC can seem altogether foreign. This video will cover tips on how to make your job search most effective including: identifying your skills and employment goals, understanding different resumes types, conducting job market research, and networking. 

External Resources

  • Professional Partners & Spouses of the Foreign Service (PROPS)
    PROPS is "a LinkedIn network of FS family members supporting one another in seeking employment locally, telecommuting, or engaging in civic and professional development activities. We help each other transition from post to post, share best practices, and gain insights from those who went before us to some of the world's most challenging environments."
  • EFMs Helping Other EFMs Find Employment (Facebook Group)
  • Fast Train at George Mason University
    FAST TRAIN programs seek to provide teacher education and VA State teaching licensure to individuals working in K-12 international schools overseas.


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