Personal Finances and Investments in the Foreign Service (MQ852)

 A life in the Foreign Service offers some financial advantages and difficult challenges in today's world. This non-tuition course will address the unique personal financial situation that comes with a career in the Foreign Service.

Webinar Series- The April 2019 offering of MQ852 will take place as a webinar series.

  • Part 1  (Personal Finance) will cover avoiding the most common financial pitfalls in the foreign service, planning for a successful retirement, and investing in the TSP.
  • Part 2 (Financial Investment) will explain what works in modern investing, how to stay informed while overseas, how and when to use a good financial adviser, how to plan for children's education, and more.

Each session will be offered twice to accommodate different time zones.
You may sign up for either or both parts.

Participant Feedback:

"This course helped me get a general handle on personal finance. It gave me confidence to know I can manage my finances okay and that I don't need to worry about missing out on some great deal/product/strategy whatever as long as I am prudent and invest appropriately conservative."

"This course went beyond BASIC investing. Very useful considering I do have experience in these matters."

"I learned that one must save at every step (preferably earlier than later) of their career to be able to have a retirement. Saving 10% minimum over a career and having it compounded in say a Roth Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) would be an excellent start."

Dates and Times

April 10, 2019: Personal Finance in the Foreign Service (Part 1)
Time: 8:00 am ET or 6:00 pm ET

April 11, 2019: Investment in the Foreign Service (Part 2)
Time: 8:00 am ET or 6:00 pm ET

This course was recorded in 2018. Visit video recordings list.


This is a non-tuition workshop.