Managing Rental Property from Overseas (MQ853)

Leaving one's property in the hands of another while overseas is a source of great anxiety for homeowners. During this evening course professional property managers will provide information on when, why, and how to hire a property manager; how to avoid common pitfalls; and the tax implications.

Participant Feedback:

"I learned the importance of providing a good product (my house) and good services (my management company) towards a choosey customer (DC metro area renters). I also learned to think carefully about the issues of my property's "rent ready" date; asset depreciation; and home repair versus improvement."

"This course taught me that I need to get a property manager ASAP! And that I need to do a little more research to better understand the tax implications. The seminar gave me great ideas for the right questions to ask my tax accountant and prospective property managers."

"I increased my knowledge about tax data influencing the management of my house as a rental property. AND I became motivated to begin the process of preparing my home."

"This seminar was excellent for FS families who face the renting issue every time they go overseas."

"I am not a homeowner yet but highly considering and this gave me a strong sense of what will be necessary of me if we end up renting the property from afar, both the legal and financial responsibilities."

"This class presented good thoughts about preparing the house for rental, utility of property managers, and thinking proactively about tax management issues."

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Course Dates and Times
This course is not currently offered. 

This is a non-tuition workshop.