Webinar: Special Education Needs Overseas Seminar (MQ118)

This seminar was created to specifically meet the needs of FS families that need to understand and navigate Department of State services available overseas to children with special needs. Participants will hear from all DOS offices that provide support and services to these families, and have the opportunity to speak privately with these specialists about schooling, allowances, medical clearances, etc.

Participant Feedback:

"This was a great opportunity to get information and personalized advice. Very helpful!"

"This was so helpful! The time to speak with experts and talk about specific concerns was so valuable."

Dates and Times
14 November, 2018      10:00 AM ET – 11:15 AM ET

This seminar has several videos. Visit video recordings list.

This is a non-tuition course.

Seeking Interest in State Department Affinity Group for FS Families with Special Needs Children
A group of Foreign Service employees with special needs children are in the process of forming an affinity group within the State Department. The mission of the group will be to provide a collective voice when interacting with Department management on issues of concern, including policies and practices regarding the Special Needs Education Allowance, MED clearance for overseas assignments, and so forth. Such groups have proven to be an effective means of engaging with State Department management to advocate for needed change. If you would like to learn more about this initiative or get involved, we can connect you.  Email the Training Division at FSITCTraining@state.gov

Other Department of State offices that can be of assistance: