Transition Center Courses: Video Recordings

The Transition Center has placed recordings of our courses and webinars on YouTube for easy access.  Below are the listings of recorded courses and webinars, complete with transcripts.

Ask the Expert: Educating Your Child Overseas (K-12): August 2018

Ask the Expert: Educating Your Foreign Service Child - The Boarding School Option: Coming soon

Ask the Expert: Ethical Art Collecting in the Foreign Service: July 2018

Estate Planning in the Foreign Service (MQ854): May 2018

Ask the Pet Expert: May 2018

Ask the Expert: Protocol for the Official 4th of July Reception: May 2018

Personal Finances and Investments in the Foreign Service (MQ852):

Special Education Needs Overseas Seminar (MQ118):

Special Education Overseas Webinar (2017) - The Office of Overseas Schools and the Child and Family Program give advice and tips on how to proactively navigate the Department of State's education support system for your child, and answer questions from viewers experiencing this journey.

Finding a School For Your Child With Special Educational Needs (2018) - The Office of Overseas Schools discusses how best to find an overseas school for your child with special educational needs including: identifying schools, receiving school acceptance for your child, and understanding how the Office of Overseas Schools can support you.

HR Bureau Webinars on Special Needs Education Allowance:

Tax Seminar (MQ117):

Traveling with Pets (MQ855)

The Transition Center and the Family Liaison Office collaborated to bring you the following two videos:


Employment Strategies for EFMs: This short video provides an overview of key resources to help Foreign Service family members create an Employment Strategy for Foreign Service life.

The Job Search: Returning to Washington DC: After years of living and working abroad, seeking employment in the U.S. and, in particular Washington, DC can seem altogether foreign. This video will cover tips on how to make your job search more effective including identifying your skills and employment goals, understanding different resume types, conducting job market research, and networking.