Special Education Needs Overseas Seminar

Watch video presentations from the Special Education Overseas Seminar. Visit the Virtual Resource Table for this class.

1. Navigating the System – Child and Family Programs (2016)
In this video, Child and Family Programs explains the Special Needs Education Allowance (SNEA) and how to request SNEA. It also addresses how SNEA impacts a child’s medical clearance and the post approval process.

2. Educating Your Special Needs Child (2016)
In this video, the Office of Overseas Schools discusses important educational considerations for parents raising children with special educational needs in the Foreign Service.

In this video, Thomas Shearer and Lynlee Tanner-Stapleton give advice and tips on how to proactively navigate the Department of State's education support system for your child, and answer questions from viewers experiencing this journey.

 4. Finding a School For Your Child With Special Educational Needs (2018)
In this video, Thomas Shearer discusses how best to find an overseas school for your child with special educational needs including: identifying schools, receiving school acceptance for your child, and understanding how the Office of Overseas Schools can support you.