Pre-Deployment Preparation for High Stress Assignments (MQ940)

This course has the goal of empowering employees and couples to be more psychologically prepared for an extended assignment to a high stress post. Part of the course will focus on practical considerations in preparing for and sustaining an unaccompanied assignment. Both employees and family members who attend will better understand the challenges of maintaining the health and well-being of relationships with spouses, children, siblings and others who will await the return of the officer. The Department is asking officers to go to posts that are known to be difficult and appreciates the sense of service and courage of those officers willing to serve. No one wants an officer's sustaining personal relationships to be sacrificed along the way. This course will share and examine the successful strategies of Foreign Service couples who managed to find a way to survive an unaccompanied assignment and to strengthen their relationships.

Course Dates and Times
22 May 2019        6:00 PM–8:30PM
19 June 2019       6:00 PM–8:30PM
24 July 2019         6:00 PM–8:30PM
21 August 2019    6:00 PM–8:30PM

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This is a non-tuition course.