Private Sector SOS (MQ917)

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The Private Sector Security Overseas Seminar (MQ917) offers a unique opportunity to access the U.S. Government's security expertise and information.

This three-day seminar includes intensive security awareness briefings and comprehensive discussions of services provided to private U.S. citizens overseas. This is the same security training that is required for all official U.S. government employees.

Experts will share security guidance and information on topics including:

  • International Personal Security Overview
  • Cybersecurity
  • Explosives
  • Sexual Assault Awareness and Response
  • Hostage Survival
  • Overseas Security Advisory Council
  • Dept. of State Operations Center
  • Cross-Cultural Awareness
  • Crisis Management

How to Register:
If your organization is already an OSAC constituent, use your OSAC logon and password. If your organization is not an OSAC constituent, please click the "How to Join OSAC" button to create your free membership account which can be used to register for the PSOS course.

Email the Transition Center's SOS team at or visit the Overseas Security Advisory Council website for more information.

April 25-27, 2018
September 12-14, 2018

Tuition: $695

Questions/Additional Information
Contact the Security Training team if you have any questions or for additional information. | 703-302-7274.