Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office (DTS-PO)

About DTS-PO

The Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office (DTS-PO) provides secure and reliable terrestrial, satellite, internet, international direct-dialing, and Voice over IP services to all United States Government departments and agencies operating from diplomatic and consular facilities outside the United States.

Congress created DTS-PO in 1992 to provide an efficient mechanism for Government agencies to fulfill an increasing demand for network services within fiscal constraints. DTS-PO aggregates demand for network services and acquires bandwidth from commercial telecommunications vendors to create economies of scale and offers rates that no single agency could obtain independently. DTS-PO provides 24/7/365 network operations to deliver extraordinary reliability across the globe.

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Our services include:

  • 24/7 Operations Center support
  • Operations and maintenance of all network and satellite equipment deployed globally
  • Consolidated billing for services
  • Exceptional reliability via redundant network paths
  • Secure communications