Diplomatic Telecommunications Service Program Office (DTS-PO): Strategic Direction

Vision - Be the network service provider of choice.

Mission - Provide reliable, secure, and cost-efficient global network services to support U.S. mission success.

The DTS-PO Strategic Plan defines the strategic goals and objectives for fiscal years 2013 through 2018.

  • Goal 1: Advance Network Performance and Reach – Leverage communications technology to deliver technical solutions that meet our customers’ end-to-end performance requirements.
  • Goal 2: Apply Effective and Efficient Business Practices – Improve customer engagement activities through increased business intelligence and analytical practices.
  • Goal 3: Secure DTS-PO from Evolving Threats – Increase DTS-PO’s awareness of and reduce overall vulnerability to present and future threats to DTS-PO’s mission.
  • Goal 4: Strengthen a Highly Qualified Workforce – Foster a satisfied, productive workforce thriving in our environment to best satisfy and support our customers.