FY 2017 - 2019 IT Strategic Plan

Message from the Chief Information Officer

Date: 2016 Description: Frontis B. Wiggins, III, Chief Information Officer, Information Resource Management - State Dept ImageI believe we are on the verge of a new era of diplomacy. Rapid changes in technology are transforming how we advance U.S. foreign policy by altering the way we connect with others and communicate information. Our diplomats are using powerful new technologies to advocate policy positions, promote awareness, and enhance transparency.

This plan is intended to embrace and seize on the opportunities presented in the new information technology (IT) environment. It is the culmination of more than a year of extensive conversations with stakeholders in bureaus, offices, and overseas posts to identify strategic themes that reflect the Department’s IT priorities. The three themes that emerged from these discussions were Innovative Diplomacy, Global IT Infrastructure, and IT Business Management. With these priorities as drivers, the IT Strategic Plan (ITSP) articulates how innovative technology, sound governance practices, and a committed workforce contribute to mission effectiveness and operational efficiency within a constantly changing IT landscape.

The Department’s IT strategic vision is to fulfill its diplomatic mission through a secure infrastructure and innovative technologies for our workforce. It sounds simple enough, but we must think boldly to identify and implement forward-leaning solutions that support operational tempo and real-time diplomacy. We must take calculated risks to give our customers reliable products that access the Department’s data and allow our diplomatic workforce to make informed decisions. We must maintain optimal performance of IT systems while protecting our users, information, networks, and global IT assets. We must promote accountability through transparent communication with our customers and stakeholders.

As we work to achieve this vision, we will engineer IT solutions that meet our strategic goals, objectives, and requirements while balancing security and usability. Together, we can make the Department more effective in using IT to fulfill its mission while encouraging mobility and accessibility.

Let us not settle for anything short of fully realizing that vision.


Date: 11/03/2016 Description: Frontis B. Wiggins, Acting Chief Information Officer - State Dept Image


Frontis B. Wiggins
Chief Information Officer