Medical Clearance Guidance to Foreign Service Personnel


  1. All employees defined above and eligible family members (EFMs) under the age of 21 require a valid medical clearance prior to an overseas posting/assignment. The medical clearance is valid for the length of tour, or until home leave, whichever is shorter.
  2. Employees with a domestic assignment and traveling on Frequent TDY’s require a medical clearance indicating “Frequent TDY.” This medical clearance is valid for 2 years.
  3. For those without a previous Department of State (DOS) medical clearance, a full history and exam is required. Use Form DS 1843 Medical History & Examination for Foreign Service (for adults and children 12 & older), or DS 1622 for children under 12.
  4. Once an employee/EFM has completed a full clearance exam on either DS 1843 or DS 1622, each subsequent medical clearance does NOT require a physical exam. The Medical Clearance Update (MCU) DS 3057 should be used (with exception to ESCAPE post assignments, in which a full physical exam must be completed).
  5. Assignments to Afghanistan, Iraq or other ESCAPE Posts must have a full physical exam on the DS 1843, and assignment MUST be listed. In addition to the DS 1843, an ESCAPE Post Pre-Deployment Physical Exam Acknowledgement Form (DS 6570) with medical provider signature must be completed and submitted at the same time.


  1. For employees issued a Class 1 World-wide available clearance, there is no need to inform MED Clearances of assignments/postings. Medical clearance is valid for length of tour or home leave, whichever is shorter.
  2. For employees issued a Class 2 – Post Specific Clearance, MED Clearances needs to approve each overseas assignment > 30 consecutive days – see Post Specific guidance below. Clearance is valid for the length of tour.
  3. Class 5 - Domestic only Assignment medical clearance is issued to those with complex medical conditions.


  1. MED Clearance forms can be found on the following site:, on eForms, or by searching for Medical Clearance Forms.
  2. Supporting documentation of any medical problems and all outside reports must be included in the submission (hard copies of labs, chest x-ray, etc.).
  3. Medical Clearance processing and adjudication can take a minimum of 2-3 weeks. This assumes the clearance form is complete, signed, dated, and all information required based on examinee age is completed.
  4. Medical Clearances adjudication can take longer than 2-3 weeks if further medical information from you or your doctor is needed in order to make a determination, or if examinee is in the middle of active medical treatment.
  5. Once a medical clearance has been issued, any new significant changes in medical or mental health must be reported to or to the Embassy Health Unit.


  1. Some conditions cannot be managed at selected overseas posts. MED Clearances works to ensure that needs of the employee or EFM can be met by careful review of the resources at the proposed post of assignment.
  2. In these cases, the employee or EFM will be issued a “Post-Specific” medical clearance, valid for the specific assignment. The assignment location will be evaluated for ability to manage the medical/mental health or educational needs of the employee/eligible family member.
  3. For employees anticipating a change of station, please indicate the Post of Assignment on Page 1.
  4. For employees assigned domestically with TDY for over 30 days, the sponsoring agency (travel/assignment/CDO) must contact for specific “Post-Approval” requests for each assignment.


  • After payment by your health insurance submit your EOB for review to MED Claims ( ).


  • Start well in advance of your expected travel dates, the earlier the better, up to one year in advance.
  • Examining Clinician must fully complete forms as, with vital signs, complete exam and address any problems found.
  • Sign, date, and complete all forms as directed. Include copies of all lab and other tests with form.