Greening Council


What is the Greening Council?

Chaired by the Under Secretary for Management (M), the Greening Council (GC) is the senior-level group responsible for overseeing and providing strategic direction and guidance on the implementation of environmental performance and sustainability initiatives at the Department of State. The Greening Council is comprised of Under Secretaries and Assistant Secretaries representing a diverse cross-section of the Department’s bureaus. The activities of the Greening Council include facilitating Department-wide sustainability policies, incorporating employee ideas, directing communications strategies, reviewing progress of ongoing greening efforts, and providing a forum for exchanging best environmental practices.

The Council… harnesses the Department’s policy, management, and public diplomacy and expertise, from grass roots to senior management, to advance environmental efforts domestically and abroad, monitoring our progress toward sustainability, and leading by example.

-Greening Council Charter


Greening Council Organization Chart

Date: 01/31/2012 Description: Greening Council Organization Chart - State Dept Image


What is the Greening Council Working Group?

Greening Council Working Group (GCWG) is the Department-wide working group that develops, implements, and manages the Department’s Greening Diplomacy Initiative and other sustainability efforts and is led by the Management Office of Policy, Rightsizing, and Innovation (M/PRI). Each bureau of the Department is encouraged to have a GCWG representative that attends monthly GCWG meetings, and the quarterly senior level Greening Council meetings.