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SUBJECT: Ambassadorial Nomination: Certificate of Demonstrated Competence — Foreign Service Act, Section 304(a)(4)

POST: French Republic and Principality of Monaco

CANDIDATE: Jamie McCourt

Jamie McCourt, a prominent entrepreneur and attorney, has founded and directed leading entrepreneurial enterprises in Los Angeles and Boston, most recently Jamie M, LLC. She was Co-Owner – and former President and Chief Executive Officer – of the Los Angeles Dodgers. Highlighting her interest in management and education, she has served as an Adjunct Professor at the University of California at Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management. Having lived and worked both domestically and abroad in various industries – sports, law, finance, education and real estate – she possesses a unique global perspective. Her demonstrated ability to lead large, complex teams, surmount management challenges, engage dignitaries on the world stage and apply her intellectual acumen make her an excellent candidate for U.S. Ambassador to France and Monaco.

Ms. McCourt established Jamie M, LLC in 2013. Previously, she founded Jamie Enterprises in 2009 and continues to serve as the Chief Executive Officer. She was Co-Owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers (2004-2012). She has served as Adjunct Professor, University of California at Los Angeles, Anderson School of Management (2005-2011), as Vice President and General Counsel, The McCourt Company, Boston, Massachusetts (1994-2004) and Of Counsel, Homans, Hamilton and Dahmen, Boston, Massachusetts (1989-1993). She established her own law office, Jamie D. McCourt, Boston, Massachusetts (1982-1988) and was a Law Associate, Layton & Sherman, New York, New York (1978-1980). She has written a cookbook, to be published later this year.

Ms. McCourt earned a M.S. from Massachusetts Institute of Technology/Sloan School of Management, Cambridge, Massachusetts, a J.D. from the University of Maryland School of Law, Baltimore, Maryland and a B.S. from Georgetown University, Washington, D.C. She has studied in France. She has received numerous awards for her entrepreneurial accomplishments and philanthropy and speaks French.

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