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  1. On October 20, 2015, a United States delegation and a Sint Maarten delegation representing the Kingdom of the Netherlands met and, through subsequent communications, reached agreement, ad referendum, on the text of an Air Transport Agreement between the United States of America and the Kingdom of the Netherlands, in respect of Sint Maarten, Relating to Air Transport between Sint Maarten and the United States of America (the “Agreement”) (Attached).
  2. In response to concerns raised by the Sint Maarten delegation regarding their ability to obtain licensing information on U.S. air carriers wishing to serve Sint Maarten, the U.S. delegation noted the public availability of U.S. air carrier licensing information at The U.S. delegation confirmed its willingness to provide information pertaining to grants of economic authority to U.S. carriers upon the request of the aeronautical authority of Sint Maarten. It further noted that additional information may be requested from air carriers by the parties to the Agreement pursuant to Article 3 (Authorization), as part of their licensing process.
  3. The delegations expressed their expectation that their respective aeronautical authorities would permit operations consistent with the terms of the Agreement on the basis of comity and reciprocity, pending its entry into force.

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