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Hello from the State Department!

Earlier today, we issued the 2018 Investment Climate Statements. These annual reports, prepared by State Department economic officers at embassies and consulates abroad, provide country-specific information on the business environments of more than 170 countries and economies. U.S. firms of all sizes can look to these reports as a resource for identifying markets in which to do business.

As Secretary of State Pompeo said in his June 18th remarks on America’s economic revival, part of economic diplomacy is helping American companies have the opportunity to succeed around the world. How do we deliver on this? By highlighting conditions for business and investment in foreign markets – including barriers that exist, as well as recent and potential regulatory reforms that level the playing field for competition. We hope the statements serve as a valuable resource for U.S. businesses as they seek new markets for their exports and business opportunities that support American jobs.

We hope you find the Investment Climate Statements useful. Good luck in your endeavors.

U.S. Department of State

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