Agustin Vasquez-Mendoza (Captured)

(Aliases: Augustin Vasquez-Mendoza, Augustin Mendoza-Vasquez, Rogelio Cruz-Zuniga, Augustin Mendoza, Fernando Vasquez, P. Agustin Vasquez, Aniceto Cruz Zuniga, Fernando Zuniga)

Dates of Birth Used: 3/23/74, 10/1/72, 10/1/69
Place of Birth: Michoacan, Mexico
Height: 5’3″ Weight: 135 lbs
Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown
Race: Hispanic Nationality: Mexican
Special Feature: Two silver front teeth

AUGUSTIN VAZQUEZ-MENDOZA was sought for his alleged participation in a drug conspiracy which led to the death of a Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) Special Agent. DEA Special Agent Richard Fass was murdered while acting, in an undercover capacity, as a buyer of a significant quantity of methamphetamine from Vasquez-Mendoza. He was arrested by Mexican authorities in July 2000 and extradited to the United States in January 2005. Vasquez-Mendoza was tried in the Maricopa County Arizona Superior Court where he was convicted and sentenced in 2006 to life in prison.

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