Carlos Renteria- Mantilla (Captured)

Aliases: Beto Renteria
DOB: March 11, 1945
Alt. DOB: September 27, 1943
POB: Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Citizenship: Colombia
Height: 5 feet 9 inches
Weight: 180 pounds
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown

Carlos Renteria-Mantilla was a chief in the Norte Valle Cartel, and as such was an equal partner to the other organized crime chiefs of Colombia’s most powerful drug trafficking syndicate. As a Norte Valle Cartel chief, Renteria-Mantilla shared decision-making power over the movement of drug shipments, assassinations of the cartel’s enemies, and bribery initiatives to obtain political protection. Renteria-Mantilla co-invested in multi-ton cocaine shipments with the other Norte Valle Cartel chiefs, in addition to heading his own, independent cocaine transportation organization.

Over fifteen years, Renteria-Mantilla and the other leaders of the Norte Valle Cartel conspired to manufacture and distribute cocaine destined for clandestine importation into Mexico and ultimately the United States. Renteria-Mantilla operated at the core of the Norte Valle Cartel leadership, a position permitting Renteria-Mantilla to arrange for drug shipments, money laundering operations, systemic efforts to bribe Colombian law enforcement officials and Colombian politicians, and conspiracies to the murders of the Cartel’s rivals, suspected informants, and other perceived enemies.

Renteria-Mantilla was highly successful as a co-investor in major multi-ton cocaine shipments jointly owned by other Norte Valle traffickers. The Renteria-Mantilla organization was also capable of independently supplying ton-quantities of cocaine prepared for international transport out of Colombia, part of which is ultimately destined to the United States.

Renteria-Mantilla was captured in Venezuela in July 2010.

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