Gabriel Puerta-Parra (Captured)

Aliases: Gabriel Puerta-Puerta, El Doctor, Dom Gabriel, Gabreil Parra-Puerta, Gabriel Parra-Pureta, Gabrial Puert-Parra, Doctor Puerta-Parra, Gabriet Puerta-Parra, Patrao, Gabriel Puerta-Carmenza, Gabreil Puerta-Parra, Gabriel Puertas-Parra, Medico
DOB: October 1, 1942
POB: Cali, Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Citizenship: Colombia
Height: 5’9″
Weight: 200
Eyes Color: Brown
Hair Color: Black

Gabriel Puerta-Parra was an attorney and counselor to the North Valley Cartel and viewed as an elder statesman and highly respected intermediary. He was responsible for resolving disputes with Colombian drug cartels and Mexican drug trafficking organizations and influencing the Colombian Parliament in issues pertaining to extradition matters.

DEA information indicates that Puerta-Parra has been a major investor in cocaine shipments, a provider of money laundering services to other North Valley Cartel traffickers and members of the AUC, and was involved in the laundering of millions of dollars of drug proceeds between Colombia, Ecuador, Mexico, Vanuatu and the USA. The NVC’s money laundering operations are diverse, highly compartmentalized and covert, using front companies, real estate investments, electronic wire transfers, money exchange houses, air cargo forwarders, and clandestine bulk money shipments. Numerous front companies are owned or owned in part by Puerta-Parra and key family members mainly in Colombia. He has created casa de cambios in Colombia, and several investment firms including agro-business/cattle companies. Puerta-Parra has co-invested in emerald mine companies and real properties in Colombia and Brazil as a way to launder drug proceeds.

Judicial StatusGabriel Puerta-Parra On March 11, 2004 a Federal Grand Jury in Washington D.C. indicted Puerta-Parra on drug trafficking and RICO charges stemming from his leadership of the North Valley Cartel. Thereafter, additional drug trafficking charges were filed in the Southern District of Florida. According to the indictment, the North Valley Cartel exported approximately 500 metric tons of cocaine worth in excess of $10 billion from Colombia, often through Mexico, to the United States between 1990 and 2004. On October 7, 2004, Puerta-Parra was arrested near Bogota, Colombia.

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