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Jose Aldemar Rendon Ramirez (Captured)

(Alias: “Mechas”)
DOB: July 24, 1950
POB: Cartago, Valle, Colombia
Eye Color: unknown
Hair Color: dark with grey
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 180 pounds

Jose Aldemar Rendon Ramirez, a key lieutenant in the Colombian Norte del Valle Cartel (NVC), was responsible for importing significant amounts of cocaine into the United States and Spain. He is also responsible for arranging for the laundering of tens of millions of dollars from drug trafficking for several major NVC traffickers, and is under indictment in the Eastern District of New York, charged with narcotics trafficking conspiracy, international narcotics trafficking conspiracy, money laundering conspiracy and substantive narcotics trafficking and money laundering charges.

On July 15, 2005, he was captured by Colombian authorities.


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