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Luis Albeiro Pena-Pena (Deceased)

Also Known As: “B Supervisor,” “B hijodel Zapatero,” “B Senor de lasTunas,” “B Mono de Antioquia”
Date of Birth: May 10, 1966
Place of Birth: Tameasj Antioquia, Colombia
Nationality: Colombian
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown
City and State of Last Known Residence: Medellin, Colombia

Luis PENA-PENA is the head of a well-organized money laundering and drug trafficking organization based in Colombia with different cells throughout the Lesser Antilles and the Caribbean. His organization is known for applying violent enforcement methods, and PENA-PENA was reported to have had close ties to the former United Self Defense Forces of Colombia (AUC), which was a terrorist paramilitary organization based in Colombia. PENA-PENA is a Colombian national who successfully smuggled thousands of kilograms of cocaine into the United States from Colombia via the Eastern Caribbean. PENA-PENA has also been responsible for the laundering of over $5 million of illegal drug proceeds in Puerto Rico, the United States, and Europe.

In December 2005, PENA-PENA, and his associates, kidnapped an ICE undercover special agent in Colombia whom they believed was responsible for a drug and money seizure in Puerto Rico. The kidnappers demanded a ransom of $2 million for the agent’s release, and mentally and physically mistreated the agent, including placing a gun in his mouth and at his head, threatening to kill him. The agent was eventually released.

On August 10, 2006, a total of 30 subjects of PENA PENA’s international smuggling organization were charged in 2 indictments in the Federal District of Puerto Rico.

The U.S. Department of State is offering a REWARD OF UP TO $5 MILLION for information leading to the arrest and/or conviction of Luis PENA-PENA.

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