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Maximiliano Bonilla-Orozco (Captured)

ALIASES: “Valenciano,” ”Futbolista,” ”Jugador”
DOB: September 24, 1972
POB: Colombia
HEIGHT: 5’8”
WEIGHT: 210 pounds

Maximiliano Bonilla-Orozco was the leader of an extensive transnational narcotics exportation and transportation organization that distributes thousands of kilograms of cocaine from Colombia, through Guatemala, Honduras, and Mexico, to the United States.

Bonilla-Orozco received cocaine directly from various sources in Colombia, including the rebel group Ejercito de Liberacion Nacional (ELN), and has dealt extensively with the violent Mexican drug trafficking organization, Los Zetas. It is believed that the organization utilized a network of warehouses and front companies to purchase “cover loads,” or legitimate goods that were stored and transported with the narcotics to mask the narcotics shipment. Bonilla-Orozco was linked to the transport of over $25 million in drug-related proceeds from the United States to Mexico. He was charged in a 2008 indictment in the Eastern District of New York.

Bonilla-Orozco was captured in November 2011.

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