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Miguel Angel Mejía-Múnera (Captured)

Also known as “El Mellizo,” “Pablo Mejia”
Date of Birth:
 July 11, 1959
Place of Birth: Colombia
Height: 5’9″, Weight: 175 lbs
Eyes: Brown, Hair: Brown

Miguel Angel Mejia-Munera, and his brother Victor, ran multi-ton cocaine transportation routes from the North Coast of Colombia to the United States and Europe since the late 1990s. Their transportation and money laundering organization was conservatively estimated to have transported approximately 68 tons of cocaine over a two-year time period. In 2003 their organization was dismantled during a U.S. multi-jurisdictional effort called Operation Journey. That operation resulted in the seizure of 25 tons of cocaine and the arrest of 43 individuals, however, the Mejia-Munera brothers remained fugitives.

The Mejia-Munera brothers continued to traffic narcotics with other organizations and were closely allied with the Autodefensas Unidades de Colombia (AUC), a Colombian paramilitary organization that has been identified by the U.S. as a Foreign Terrorist Organization. Mejia-Munera was involved in the Paramilitary Peace Process until he failed to turn himself in to the Government of Colombia in August 2006. In 2003, Miguel (and Victor) Mejia-Munera was indicted in the Southern District of Florida for conspiracy to import cocaine.

On April 29, during a law enforcement operation to arrest the Mejia-Munera brothers, Victor Mejia-Munera died in a shootout with Colombian police. Miguel Angel Mejia-Munera was arrested on May 1 by Colombian authorities.

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