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Ramon Quintero-Sanclemente (Captured)

ALIASES: “Lucas”, “Don Thomas”, “La Maquina”, “Senor De Buga”
DOB: November 30, 1958
POB: Buga, Colombia
HEIGHT: 5’7”
WEIGHT: 160-180 pounds

Ramon Quintero-Sanclemente was one of the principal leaders of the Norte Valle Cartel (NVC). The NVC not only produces its own drugs, but also purchases drugs from reliable sources in the Bandas Criminales (BACRIM) or Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (FARC). The NVC maintains international drug distribution contacts, including alliances with powerful Mexican cartels. Quintero-Sanclemente’s drug trafficking organization is responsible for obtaining more than 50 metric tons of cocaine annually from clandestine labs in Colombia to export to Mexico, the United States and Europe. Quintero-Sanclemente has been linked to several cocaine seizures in the United States.

Ramon Quintero-Sanclemente was the leader of the Quintero-Sanclemente drug trafficking organization. Quintero-Sanclemente directed the organization, deployed its enforcement operatives, and was said to be the most violent member of the organization. Quintero-Sanclemente is charged in a 2008 indictment in the Southern District of Florida. He was captured by Ecuadorian and Colombian authorities in April 2010.

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