• WHAT: Foreign Press Centers Reporting Tour

  • WHEN: Monday, February 10 – Tuesday, February 11

  • WHERE: New Hampshire (Manchester, Concord, and surrounding areas)

BACKGROUND:  The New Hampshire primary, which takes place after the Iowa Caucuses, is the first in a series of state primaries to choose delegates for the 2020 Democratic and Republican national conventions, where the presidential nominees will be determined.  Historically, the New Hampshire primary, because of its timing and vast media attention, has greatly affected the outcome for candidates’ campaigns.  Join the Foreign Press Centers for an in-depth look at the unique state of New Hampshire, the primary system, and how Americans choose their next president.

PROGRAM:  The schedule includes a meeting with the New Hampshire Secretary of State’s office and a briefing from a New Hampshire academic expert on the primary system.  There will also be opportunities to engage directly with primary voters and to attend candidate functions, town halls, and forums.  Other meetings with civil society organizations, media associations, or local government groups may also be arranged.

U.S. Department of State

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